About Us

GeriActors, which began in 2001, is based at SAGE (Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton) and is supported by the Drama Department and Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.  We perform to the general public, seniors and caregivers.

Through the University of Alberta, GeriActors and Friends is involved in teaching and research projects. The ‘Friends’ are undergraduate and graduate students studying intergenerational theatre, and many continue as volunteers after graduation.

Our Outreach Program includes workshops for seniors in Comedy Improvisation, Performance Storytelling, Acting, and Creative Movement. We also produce FEST: Festival of Edmonton Seniors Theatre and Under One Sky, a theatre project with multicultural immigrant seniors.

We believe in the principle of ‘creative aging’, in which seniors become engaged in artistic activity at a level of comparative mastery. This leads to effective artistic expression, a developing sense of community, social and civic engagement, and an overall increase in health and well-being.

Our mandate is to provide opportunities for seniors to:

  • Play, have fun, and entertain, by honouring their stories and ideas through theatre
  • Release creativity and develop theatre skills
  • Build an inclusive community and strengthen social engagement
  • Use theatre to cross ethnic, cultural, economic, and other social barriers
  • Entertain, engage and challenge audiences
  • Question stereotypes of aging

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